Personal Growth Programmes

cropped-lavender.pngAromatherapy and Reflexology can induce deep relaxation. This means the treatments work on many different levels and can be very useful in helping to change behaviour patterns, relaxing the mind and body and enabling a shift in behaviour patterns or a new perspective on life and problems.

The treatment sessions may be used to talk through problems, to enable a transformation in difficult situations, for finding a new path in life or seeing ourselves and others in a different way. This can happen quite naturally through cumulative sessions or a step-by-step programme can be devised to enable change.

There is no extra charge for this within the aromatherapy and reflexology treatments, but a more in-depth programme can  be formulated during the consultation or with online consultations either in parallel to treatments or on their own.

For information, appointments, consultations and personal growth programmes please contact me.

Email consultations £20

Follow up £5

See Aromatherapy and Reflexology pages for treatment prices