aromatherapy_labelAromatherapy is a natural holistic therapy using essential oils from flowers, plants, shrubs and trees to alleviate stress-related conditions and disease and for therapeutic and restorative effects.

Aromatherapy enhances physical, mental and emotional well-being; helping to maintain and restore health to the body, mind and spirit thus promoting the body’s self-healing and immune system.

Best results are achieved in combination with massage but additional home treatments include bath oils, creams, lotions, inhalations and diffusions.

If you would like an email consultation to have a bespoke product made for you please contact me or book an appointment for a treatment.

Email consultation £20

Follow-up £5

Aromatherapy treatment (approx. 1 hour) £49
Course of 4 treatments £180

For gift vouchers or to book an appointment or email consultation please contact me